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Episode 130 (01/18/07) Robert drinks a bunch of wine and rambles about just about everything in this barely comprehensible mess.

Episode 129 (12/23/07) More holiday hijinks with retroCRUSH. Lots of fun listener voicemails!

Episode 128 (12/08/07) Crazy Christmas songs.

Episode 127 (11/09/07) Name the TV theme song contest! Name the montage of songs in the show's intro, and a look at great samples in rap music history. Welcome back to the retroCRUSH podcast. Tell a friend!

Episode 126 (09/27/07) Just good ol' fashioned drunken fun!

Episode 125 (09/04/07) Rob Zombie talks with us about Halloween on the opening day of his record breaking film.

Episode 124 (08/06/07) We interview Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy who played Tom Servo and Crow in Mystery Science Theater 3000 and talk to them about their latest project The Film Crew!

Episode 123 (07/04/07) Special tribute to America episode. Plus Ian McShane sings, and Billy's Guitar Lesson!
SPECIAL GUEST LINK: CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video of Billy's Guitar Lesson (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

Episode 122 (06/19/07) retroCRUSH is back! We've got a "Name that Song" contest where you can win cool DVDs, a look at a wacky 1965 anti-pornography film, and we'll listen to old style Hostess cake commercials.

Episode 121 (05/21/07) The Worst Cover Songs preview and a trip to Disneyland

Episode 120 (05/01/07) Interview with progressive talk show goddess Stephanie Miller

Episode 119 (04/15/07) Who Would Win? Incredible Super Hero fight matchups.

Episode 118 (04/06/07) Interview with the writers and cast of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead

Episode 117 (03/18/07) Interview with Zodiac author Robert Graysmith

Episode 116 (03/18/07) Star Wars Episode Seven Preview

Episode 115 (03/02/07) retroCOMMERCIALS and a Zodiac film review

Episode 114 (02/19/07) My American Idol Tryout, Ghost Rider review, and "Down Under"

Episode 113 (02/02/07) Karate Kid Tribute, Interview with No More Kings lead singer

Episode 112 (01/24/07) More Insert Coin sound effects and TV Theme Songs

Episode 111 (01/16/07) The Mo' Better Blues and Ask Robert!

Episode 110 (01/11/07) The Top 15 '80s Pop Bands

Episode 109 (01/04/07) The Most Annoying Things of 2006, and retro Sex Education

EPISODE 108 - Video temporarily offline

Episode 107 (12/22/06) The BBC interviews me about the worst Christmas Song of all time

Episode 106 (12/21/06) Canadian Radio interviews me about Rocky Balboa

Episode 105 (12/12/06) The Worst Christmas Songs of All Time

Episode 104 - Video temporarily offline

Episode 103 (12/06/06) A super potluck of retro cool-i-tude

Episode 102 (12/01/06) We talk with Johnny Ryan about the latest issue of Angry Youth Comix!

Episode 101: (11/26/06) Interview with Zack Parsons, author of "My Tank is Fight!"

Episode 100: (11/27/06) Our 100th Centennial Anniversary Episode!

Episode 099: (11/10/06) The Greatest Cover Songs of All Time (Super great super episode)

Episode 098: (10/28/06) An interview with rising country/folk star Todd Snider

Episode 097: (10/26/06) A special Halloween interview with Caddyshack and Tron star Cindy Morgan

Episode 096: (10/25/06) Tom Vu and Miss Cleo plus listener voicemail

Episode 095: (10/24/06) Interview with Crispin Glover

Episode 094: (10/08/06) Interview with Re-Animator star Jeffrey Combs
LINKS: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, Todd Snider

Episode 093: (09/28/06) Weird Al Yankovic Interview
LINKS: Read the print version on retroCRUSH, complete with pictures and videos

Episode 092: (09/24/06) WE ARE BACK!
A look at the Top 10 Horror Film Soundtracks of all time.  Plus a tiny look at Grease (that's pooled up in my underwear).

Episode 091: (09/08/06) A wonderful look at the world of crafting!  Felt Club's Jenny Ryan and I talk about everything from macaroni art to black velvet Lionel Ritchie paintings.  Plus get a listen to some clips from Tony Bennett's upcoming September 26th Duets CD, featuring performances with Dixie Chicks, kd Lang, Bono, and Stevie Wonder..  Plus we top it all off with some wild '80s cereal commercials, and a special contest to win a DVD!
Felt Club, Sew Darn Cute, Craftster

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN, and CLICK THE iTunes link below to subscribe, ya sap!

Episode 090: (08/29/06) Rappin with the TFO crew about their upcoming film, The Monster From Bikini Beach, and retroRANDY and I talk about mostly offensive subject matter!  Lots of fun

Episode 089: (08/25/06) Name That '70s Wuss Rock Song Challenge, 1 Year Anniversary Show, You are NOT the father!

Episode 088: (08/16/06) The Top 10 Stand Up Comics of All Time!

Episode 087: (08/06/06) How to eat a Watermelon with Petey Greene, Watermelon Songs, Watermelon Bubblicious commercial, Gary Coleman's kidney, and Blondie

Episode 086: (07/26/06) The super offensive politically incorrect blackface episode, with special guest host, Uncle Remus!

Episode 085: (07/14/06) Juggalo Hate Mail and The Crazy Preacher REVISITED!  Plus more old commercials, drunken babblings, and a review of Johnny Cash's new CD.  FIND OUT HOW TO WIN THE NEW REN AND STIMPY DVD!

Episode 084: (06/29/06) Great Disney TV and ride themes, plus Sean Connery sings the blues

Episode 083: (06/24/06) Naughty Blues Songs from the '20s and '30s

Episode 082: (06/14/06) A cornocopia of retro commercials and TV theme songs today.  Please enjoy them, won't you?

Episode 081: (06/11/06) James Brown gets nutty and tests the hot tub temperature, retroCRUSH T-Shirts, and Mary-Louise Parker is one quite beautiful lady.

Episode 080: (05/31/06) Robert appears on David Thorpe's "Teenage Dance Party" radio show on Arcata's KHSU radio station and reviews new music.  Angry Youth Comix #11 is reviewed. CD reviews of Def Leppard's cover album "Yeah!", and the Neil Diamond tribute album.
Johnny Ryan

Episode 079: (05/25/06) Interview with Al Gore (full version), Mister Rogers takes on The Senate, and some great classic toy commercials.

Episode 078: (05/13/06) An interview with my father in law, and early television pioneer, Carl Moon.

Episode 077: (05/07/06) The yummy taste of DVD, and an interview with my father in law, and Golden Age TV pioneer, Karl Moon!
Milky The Marvelous Milkin' Cow (video)

Episode 076: (05/04/06) Tons of cool old commercials, Jewel Sucks, Loretta Lynn rules, listener voicemails, and a preview of our Al Gore interview!
The OOZINATOR commercial (video)

Episode 075: (04/24/06) Songs about Satan, Cannibal The Musical!, and a live Pop Rocks suicide!

Episode 074: (04/19/06) Enjoy our latest podcast and hear the musical genius of Mr. T with excerpts from songs from his 80s classic "Mr. T's Commandments".  Also thrill to the ultra-conservative song stylings of Lisa Whelchel (Blair from The Facts of Life) and great 80s videogame music from Sonic, Super Mario Brothers, and Tetris!

Episode 073: (04/09/06) The 5th Anniversary of Birthday Party!  Featuring "Boys Beware" a 50s educational film warning against the evils of homosexuality, a road trip podcast segment with Christy and Darin from Trash Film Orgy and retroCRUSH's own Randy Waage, tons of fun listener voicemails, and THE HELLOUTS!
The Hellouts, Trash Film Orgy

Episode 072: (04/05/06) The Super Mario Brothers Super Show, Teen Titans, and Gay Gangsta Rapper "Gangsta Fag"
Gangsta Fag, The 100 Coolest TV Themes

Episode 071: (03/31/06) We caught up with Angry Youth Comix creator for a special interview this week, and recorded it for your listening pleasure on Episode 71 of the retroCRUSH Podcast.  You'll laugh and cry as we talk about the comic that nearly started a jihad, vintage soda, a strip too offensive for even Johnny to publish, and Yoda Underoos!  Learn all about the creative process that goes in to making America's most underrated cool comic book, and why Johnny's cat hates video games. 
Johnny Ryan, Fantagraphics, Sew Darn Cute, Dublin Dr. Pepper

Episode 070: (03/22/06) Hey hipsters! Richard Cheese talked with us on Episode 70 of the retroCRUSH Podcast, and Holy Cow is it fantastic!  We shared songs, laughs, and dating tips, as well as information about the secret monkeys at The Playboy Mansion.
Richard Cheese

Episode 069: (03/21/06) Interview with Sacramento filmmaker and musician Bob Moricz, who's film Palace of Stains opens at Sacramento's Crest Theater this Friday at 11PM.
Bob Barango, Palace of Stains Homepage, David Lynch

Episode 068: (03/19/06) We take the show on the rode with a ride through some scary neighborhoods to go play poker, then on the return trip, Randy and I review the sleazy classic film Street Trash. Plus a surprise call from Suicide Girl Lola!
Suicide Girl Lola

Episode 067: (03/12/06) In this episode we talk about the music of Kamala The Ugandan giant, showcase "The Ultimate Showdown" (a song that features an epic battle between Batman, Optimus Prime, Godzilla, and too many others to mention), and try to figure out why Aerosmith's "Dream On" is so damn good.
Kamala, The Ultimate Showdown, Suicide Girl Lola, X-Entertainment

Episode 066: (03/05/06) I fight through a fever and sore throat to bring you this somewhat OK edition featuring Mr. Kotter's jokes and a giant grab bag of TV commercial themes.

Episode 065: (02/26/06) Don Knotts tribute, an old VD Commercial, and Willie Nelson's gay cowboy song

Episode 064: (02/17/06) Keith Lowell Jensen interviews Bob Newhart....FOR REAL!

Episode 063: (02/15/06) Robert drinks too much to drive, but still cranks out a podcast about Devo and Devo 2.0, catching up on reader voice and emails, results of our last contests, Japanese themes for Mazinger Z and Astro Boy, and The Dating Game theme song!

Episode 062: (02/05/06) In this episode, we discuss the cultural merits of The Spice Girls, listen to the Japanese Spider-Man theme song, hear a tribute to Herschell Gordon Lewis, some crazy voice mails, and a chance for you to win cool DVDs with TWO different contests.

Episode 061: (01/26/06) DRINK 'TIL WE'RE RETROCRUSH!  A fun chat with Justin, Deena, and Jon from the Drink 'Til We're Funny podcast, currently celebrating its 20th episode.

Episode 060: (01/21/06) Underoos commercials, Nicolas Cage Japanese pachinko ads, a collection of vintage insert coin sound effects from classic arcade games, reader emails, acoustic guitar covers of Bubble Bobble and Kid Icarus, and a special end of the podcast song surprise!
LINKS: (currently has bandwidth exceeded)

Episode 059: (01/12/06) An interview with Q'orianka Kilcher from The New World, a review of Queen Latifah's latest film, and a frank talk with KLJ about shitting blood.

Episode 058: (01/11/06) Alison Arngrim (TV's Nellie Oleson) interview Part 2 in which we talk about Betty Page and The Bad Seed, Hanna Barbera theme songs, and Devil's Rejects hate mail

Episode 057: (01/08/06) Our appearance on a Canadian radio station to talk about our 100 Most Annoying Things of 2005 feature, retroCRUSH Hate Mail, and a tribute to The Devil's Rejects and Sid Haig

Episode 056: (12/31/05) A tribute to Olivia Newton-John, Kevin Federline raps, "Lazy Sunday", vintage audio clips, and an acapella cover of Nintendo's Metroid theme
ARCHER AUDIO ARCHIVES, Olivia Newton John gallery

Episode 055: (12/26/05) Interview with Marcia Wallace from "The Bob Newhart Show" and "The Simpsons"
Marcia Wallace Homepage

Episode 054: (12/23/05) Irreverant Christmas Songs from "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", and Sarah Silverman's "Give The Jew Girl Toys" are reviewed.
South Park Studios, Sarah Silerman's "Jesus is Magic", The Sneeze

Episode 053: (12/20/05) Heat Miser vs. Snow Miser and sound clips from The 40 Year Old Virgin DVD
Heat Miser vs. Snow Mister Poll

Episode 052: (12/18/05) 7 year old Robert Berry from a 1977 audio cassette
Planned Parenthood

Episode 051: (12/16/05) Preview of The 100 Most Annoying Things of 2005
The 100 Most Annoying Things of 2005 (Full Version)

Episode 050: (12/14/05) Interview with Martin Sargent of Martin Sargent's Unscrewed, Martin Sargent's Infected, and Martin Sargent's Expired Seafood Buffet of Goodness.  (visit Martin at

Episode 049: (12/6/05) 80s Commercials with bad audio quality (sorry I'll fix this one soon!)

Episode 048: (12/1/05) Interview with the I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy troupe (visit them at

Episode 047: (11/27/05) Post Thanksgiving Triptophane spectacular.  Robert decides to wreck a couple of songs, and some truly crazy voicemails.

Episode 046: (11/23/05) Milk Milk Lemonade, Around the Corner Fudge is Made!  Exploring the mysteries of childhood schoolyard rhymes, and the famous Diarrhea Song!  Rants about Thanksgiving shoppers.  Also, tons of listener voicemails entering our "tell your favorite joke" contest.

Episode 045: (11/21/05) Tons of great new theme songs both good and bad,  plus a chance to win the 1933 King Kong on DVD!

Episode 044: (11/20/05) A look at the Johnny Cash movie "Walk the Line" and its soundtrack, and Madonna's latest album "Confessions on the Dance Floor"

Episode 043: (11/16/05) Interview with Alison "Nellie Olesen" Arngrim, PART ONE

Episode 042: (11/14/05) Keith Lowell Jensen and I from my car, a Review of Harry Potter 4, Room 222, and my horrible computer woes

Episode 041: (11/09/05) California's Elections, 50 Cent's new movie, More classic commercials and TV Themes

Episode 040: (11/04/05) Lunchmeat commercials, the Reese's evolution, and DirecTV sucks!

Episode 039: (11/03/05) Tribute to Chet from Weird Science, and Trash Film Orgy

Episode 038: (10/28/05) Super crazy listener voicemail section, "Driving Home From The Movies" Capote edition, and spooky TV theme songs

Episode 037: (10/26/05) Li'l Markie asks "Why Did You Kill Me Mommy?", Swingin 70s pickup tips, Napoleon Dynamite Utah State Fair Commercials, and a review of the Ultra Lounge Vol 3 CD: Space Capades

Episode 036: (10/21/05) We play audio from a crazy Baptist preacher who insists "Yo butt ain't made for that!" plus a special surprise

Episode 035: (10/17/05) A super double triple whammy potluck of retro commercials

Episode 034: (10/16/05) A drunken visit to Trash Film Orgy headquarters where we discuss our scariest movies, King Kong, Shaq, Jello Biafra, and Insane Clowns

Episode 033: (10/16/05) Interview with legendary trash film director John Waters

Episode 032: (10/13/05) A review of Domino and a rare unaired Christopher Walken SNL skit and the Fonzie action figure

Episode 031: (10/11/05) Hidden Stevie Wonder messages, TV Western theme songs, plus Robert SINGS "The Price is Right" theme song.

Episode 030: (10/10/05) Classical spooky music from the 1970s, and Andy Gibb back from the dead

Episode 029: (10/07/05) A full hour interview with George Romero

Episode 028: (10/05/05) Casper The Friendly Ghost and George Romero interview!

Episode 027: (10/04/05) Scary Email, Zombies, and The Music of Mister T!

Episode 026: (10/02/05) Live from East Portal Park, and erotic Golden Girls stories

Episode 025: (09/30/05) Bill Hicks goes off on a drunk heckler, and Frente! warms your heart

Episode 024: (9/28/05) The Warriors, Caged Heat, and Revenge of The Nerds trailers

Episode 023: (9/27/05) Someone stole my shoes, Classic Hollywood Squares with Paul Lynde soundbites, The Greatest Game Ever Played reviewed, and homeless cats sing for money.

Episode 022: (9/26/05) Tribute to Don Adams

Episode 021: (9/25/05) King Kong and Godzilla theme songs

Episode 020: (9/21/05) The best scenes from The Blues Brothers movie

Episode 019: (9/20/05) A Butch Patrick Interview gets really scary!

Episode 018: (9/19/05) Jodie Foster's Flightplan reviewed, plus crazy John Denver stories

Episode 017: (9/18/05) Really bad TV themes, and where is my Kurt Vonnegut book?

Episode 016: (9/17/05) Shocking live taste test of Candy Corn flavored soda from Jones Soda

Episode 015: (9/16/05) Excerpts from Corey Haim's 1989 Video-Bio, McC, and The Found Footage Festival

Episode 014: (9/14/05) A look back at our Juggalo hate mail, and Robert sings Debbie Boone!

Episode 013: (9/12/05) A multimedia review of Spike Lee's soundtrack to Crooklyn

Episode 012: (9/11/05) Interview with Felice Schachter from The Facts of Life, and Zapped!

Episode 011: (9/8/05) Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, cool pop culture rap songs, and a Bob Denver tribute

Episode 010: (9/7/05) A heartwarming interview with Keith Lowell Jensen, who is currently panhandling dressed as a BANANA!  This interview is tasteless, offensive, tacky, and special.

Episode 009: (9/5/05) The musical genius of Keith Richards, a screwy Paypal story, and Fantagraphics new Dennis The Menace book is reviewed.

Episode 008: (9/3/05) The Top 10 bits of Classic Videogame music

Episode 007: (9/1/05) We review the soundtrack to The 40 Year-Old Virgin


Episode 005:  (8/29/05) We review the soundtrack to The 40 Year-Old Virgin, an excerpt from our new interview with Hank Garrett, The Atari Flashback 2 previewed, and a ton of upcoming TV Shows on DVD.

Episode 004: (8/27/05) Interview with the great actor, Keith Carradine, of "Nashvile", "Pretty Baby", "Deadwood" and ABC's sadly canceled TV series, "Complete Savages".

Episode 003: (8/26/05) We discuss missing biological mother of The Brady Boys, some trivia contest goodness, and my insatiable childhood crush on Penny Marshall.


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