Thanks to my super cool buddy Jason Malmberg for taking me to see Jon Hamm, Andy Richter, Kevin Pollack, and more doing a live reading of “Stinker Gets Loose” at The Castro Theater today. Talking with Malm on the way there and back and seeing this creative retro energy and love made me realize what a great thing I’ve squandered with the retroCRUSH site and podcast. Gonna bring it back and build that audience back up again. In it’s heyday, retroCRUSH had more than 600K monthly visitors, was the talk of may publications and media, and my podcast got as many as 30K subscribers. It’s stupid to not bring it all back to help promote my comedy, books, records, and appearaences. Coming soon, y’all! Thanks

Buy “Robert Berry’s Big Book of Jokes” Today!!!

At long last, “Robert Berry’s Big Book of Jokes” is ready! Over 1,000 amazing jokes and essays all written by Robert Berry for your reading pleasure. This 210 page book is chock full of hilarious knee-slapping greatness! Only $15.00 plus $4 shipping and I’ll send an autographed copy your way, with a free download code of my first comedy album, “RETROCRUSH”, too!  International orders, please send $25 total to cover the additional shipping.

Just click the link below, and you’ll be set. Thanks for your support. I’m pretty excited about this and am thrilled with it.


…for not stopping me from bringing a copy of my book to put on your shelf! Amy seems pretty cool with it. I wonder what will happen when someone tries to buy it? I was inspired by Mitch Hedberg’s joke, “The only way I could get my old CD into a store is if I were to take one in and leave it. Then the guys says, “Sir, you forgot this!” “No, I did not. That is for sale. Please alphabetize it.”


It’s a testament to how amazing Freeman, Caine, and Arkin are as actors that they manage to make this piece of shit watchable. Zach Braff directs this one in his sleep for a paycheck and the script by Theodore Melfi who wrote the really good “Hidden Figures” and “St. Vincent” is a predictable bore. Extra small roles by Christopher Lloyd and Ann Margret are nice, but it’s the headliners that shine. They give it their charming best and watching them in action somehow makes this a passable movie.

Listen to Me on “Insight with Beth Ruyak”

What a thrill to be on Capital Public Radio’s “Insight With Beth Ruyak” earlier this week. You can CLICK HERE to listen to the episode. I’m on during the last 7 minutes of the show. This was all happening the Monday after that Nazi rally in Virginia, so most of the first part of the show is dedicated to that. I almost got bumped off the live broadcast, but fortunately Donald Trump didn’t talk too long.

You can CLICK HERE to listen.

A Look A The Most Retro Cities in Europe

A Look At The Most Retro Cities In Europe

When it comes to all things retro, Europe has it going on! The definition of the word refers to the imitative style of fashion of the past and if it’s one thing Europe knows how to do, is to preserve the past. As one of the oldest continents in the world, the countries that make up Europe really value and respect their history and are all too happy to remind its visitors of memories of the past. If you’re looking to take a trip to Europe to check out some of the hippest and most retro cities that the continent has to offer, then look no further. Our guide to some of the coolest vintage city hot-spots is bound to get you feeling nostalgic and rearing to go on your next European adventure!

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