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Image result for "pugs and puns" cdbabyAt long last, you can buy the unique comedy variety album from Robert Berry and Chris Emery, “Puns and Pugs”! Recorded at The Sacramento Comedy Spot, these two mix traditional stand up comedy with music, sketch characters, and even a mix of improv that makes for an anything goes crazy mix of fun that you’ll be sure to enjoy. Political jokes, a wild cover of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, and tons of amazing characters from the amazing Chris Emery. There’s a few options to purchase directly with the links below!

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A startling erotic discovery at my wife’s late aunt’s house

My wife’s aunt passed away recently, and last week we took some time with other family members to go through various things in her home.  I found some cool 60s “Adam” magazines (a bawdy gentleman’s pinup mag from the 60s, that I’ll feature here separately), and a few other curiosities, but nothing prepared me for this.

We came across this can of SKOAL.  We never knew her aunt to chew tobacco, so it was a weird item to find.  It sounded like something other than chew was inside, though, so I opened it up to see what it was.

Holy crap!  It’s a pipecleaner man, wacking his giant pipecleaner cock!  The poor guy has been jackin’ in that SKOAL can for years, with nothing more than the back of The Statue of Liberty’s embossed face to look at.  She was a pretty conservative lady, so I was surprised to find it, but I figured it was just some goofy thing she came across at a craft fair.  She maybe even just got it as a naughty gift, and just hid it away after she had a little giggle.  Or did she…

Not too far away, I came across 2 more that were in a sort of pre-production status.  Yep, she decided to make a couple of her own.  I’m not sure if she was trying to do a full fledged line of masturbating pipe cleaner men before she died, but its nice to see that her dreams were big.

-Robert Berry

See Me At Laughs Unlimited in Sac Jan 6th


This Wednesday at Laughs Unlimited in Old Town Sacramento, I’ll be performing with Cheryl Anderson, Kristin Frisk, Wendy Lewis, and Luke Soin at the Stunningly Strong Calendar Launch Party. Tickets are $10 and the calendars will be on sale for $15, which you can get autographs from all of the featured women for free! CLICK HERE For event details.