What's your favorite retro movie?
This is going to be a shocker... Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! I'm also a huge fan of MGM musicals, film noir, and of course rubber monster cheesy b horror movies.

Why do you think people have such a fondness for icons like Monroe and James Dean that died in their prime?
There will always be a glamorous edge attached to the tragedy of dying young. It keeps their image perfectly preserved at their most beautiful on film. Youth in Hollywood is quite possibly an actor's most important trait. With all that said, I believe James Dean and Marilyn Monroe would still be legendary today. They had a solid film career even with their limited time in the industry.

What do you think Marilyn Monroe would be like if she was alive today?
I think if she could have survived past that time in Hollywood, she would have eventually found happiness. The 50's and 60's were not a time when they were equipped to treat people will emotional distress correctly. If she would have survived, I think she would have found a decent support group of friends, and would have finally had a family. I think she would also still be making films, as she really did have an immense talent with comedy.

What was your first pin-up shoot like?
Considering how much I have learned since then, it was actually a pretty well put together shoot! I recall struggling with my first ever garter belt, and trying to master the art of posing. It seemed an impossible task to me at the time was anyone supposed to suck in their tummy, arch their back, extend their leg, move your shoulder back, all while having a natural facial expression?! Despite my struggles, I entered the photos into two pinup magazine contests and won both!

What's the coolest thing about owning a pink coffin?
Well other than the fact of having a cushy cozy bed to catch my beauty z's in, I love seeing people's expressions when they see it in my living room. There are two reactions usually, to step back in horror, or to ask if they can lie down in it. Some of them even cross their arms over their chest as they lay down. Now that's my kind of people!

Why are photographs of women smoking so sexy?
There's just something mysterious and seductive about smoking in black and white photos. To spill the beans, I actually don't smoke in real life, but have used many a prop cigarette in my shoots. That's as far as I want to get to smoking.

What toy from your childhood would you want to own again?
Well, I actually still own my most beloved toy from childhood, my stuffed Snoopy dog. I'm a very sentimental person, and would still gladly rescue him over everything else from a burning house.

You have one last drink, what's it gonna be?
A cheesecake milkshake, featuring a whole slice of cheesecake blended in, from Katz's Deli.  Who needs booze?


-Robert Berry





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