In the late 40s/early 50s, the age of burlesque was in full swing.  Teasing audiences full of drooling wolves with their eyeballs popping out, these gorgeous dames from yesteryear got the job by showing just enough to get the job done.  It was an era when strategically glued sequins were scandalous.  With the exception of Evelyn West, Tempest Storm, and Lili St. Cyr, most of these women have disappeared into obscurity but we'd love to pay tribute to these fine dancing ladies of yesteryear again.  I'm putting together a guide to each of them, so if you have any fun facts you'd like to share, email me at

Ann "Bang Bang" Arbor Ann "Bang Bang" Arbor Betty Howard Betty Howard Bobbie Bruce
Bonnie Boya Bubbles Darlene Countess Ruhkova Dagmar Dagmar
Dorian Dennis Eveyln West Gilda Helen Lovett Helena Gardner
Helena Gardner Jean Richey Jill Huntley Kay Hanna Lili LaMont
Lili LaMont Lili St. Cyr Lili St. Cyr Lili St. Cyr Siri
Lisa Starr Lorelei Lorraine Cooper Lotus Dubois Lotus Dubois
Marcia Eddington Marcia Eddington Mickey Jones Nejla Ates The Comet
Pat Amber Halladay Sonia Pepper Powell Princess Do May Princess Do May

Pepper Powell was known as "The Titan Haired Tantalizer".

Rita Grable Rita Grable Scarlett O'Hara Scarlett O'Hara Sequin
Sherry Britton Sherry Britton Pepper Powell Nejla Ates Lili St. Cyr
Tana Louise Tana Louise Tempest Storm Tempest Storm Tempest Storm
Tequila Trudy Wayne Val de Val Val De Val Valerie Parks
Vallkyra Winnie Garrett Winnie Garrett Yvette Dare Zorita

-Robert Berry




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