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You loved her as Ivanova in Babylon 5, but did you know she's a self proclaimed Ren Faire geek, thinks William Shatner is an asshole, is very much a loner, and has a huge crush on Neil Diamond?
Claudia talked with retroCRUSH about all this and more!  Read on, true believers!

What TV shows or movies did you like growing up?

Well, I wasnít allowed to watch television. We were only allowed to watch Little House on the Prairie funnily enough after a few years I actually worked for Melissa Gilbert. She was my big hero when I was a kid. Little House on the Prairie and 60 Minutes were the only shows we were allowed so Monday nights and Sunday I got to watch television. The rest of the time I was a bookaholic. Basically, I read about 300 books a summer.

Thatís an awful lot.

Yeah, I would do between two a day. I did a lot, but kidís books are easy you can do 4 in a day, all the little Nancy Drew and Little House books and stuff.

Did you have any favorite toys growing up?

Easy Bake oven definitely, Lite Brite, and Battleship...I was born in 1965 so by the time the 1970ís rolled around the games were lame. They were like Scrabble and Monopoly was a big one in my family. We played lots and lots of board games and Clue.

Did you play the early videogames much too?

God no, I never got into anything. I didnít even have a computer. Pac-Man was the only thing we had.

I liked Ms. Pac-Man.

Ms. Pac-Man was the best. That was better. Definitely.

In the early 1980ís you did a lot of guest starring work in Dallas, The A Team, Falcon Crest, and T.J. Hooker.

I do remember William Shatner trying to shove his tongue down my throat in his dressing room after eating Thai Food. That wasnít very good. I was on T.J. Hooker yeah. He was a bit of an arse, but besides that.

Did you manage to rip off his toupee?

Actually, he was already wearing the corset back then so I should have punched him in his stomach.

Did you catch the Shatner roast on Comedy Central?

No, he behaved like such a butthead during this convention that I did, he was so awful and mean that at this point I make it my mission to say bad things about the man. I was never going to tell anyone that he tried to kiss me because he goes on TV and says, "Iíve been happily married for 35 years." Yeah, well he tried to boff every one of his co-stars. Why does he do conventions when he hates fans? Why does he do that? You have to pay $300 dollars to stand next to him and take a picture, but he despises the fans. He wonít even look at you. He wonít personalize anything so why does he do it? Itís horrible, horrible and the fans donít like it either. I mean come on. Heís got plenty of money. Thereís no reason for him to show up and make people feel embarrassed and awful about themselves.

Look at all the people he worked with on Star Trek. They all had hard times with him too.

Ok, weíve established that William Shatnerís an asshole. Alright, next question and donít bring up Steven Seagull, donít bring up Michael Madsen, and donít bring up any of the other people Iíve worked with. Letís talk about something pleasant.

Do you remember much about Sharon Stone in the Calendar Girl Murders?

Actually, Sharon was always very nice to me. I didnít have very many scenes with her. When I ran into her at an audition years and years ago before she became a huge star and she was very nice to me so I canít say anything bad about Sharon Stone. Sheís done a hell of a lot for AIDS and tons of charity stuff. Bless her.

I think one of the most interesting things that I ever did was the Columbo movie with Faye Dunaway playing my mother/is she my lover. My mother/my lover and Peter Falk directed in that. It was a crazy experience and really wonderful. Iíve had really good experiences. I was arguing with someone last night because they said, "Morgan Freeman demands a Mercedes to come to set." I said, "Thatís no way because heís the nicest man in the world. Heís so sweet. I just couldnít believe that people suddenly get all these star attitudes."

I guess when you get more and more successful you demand. Who is it Bon Jovi or what band was it that said no green M&Mís in my thing. If Iím not there Iím not going to believe any story. Thatís the thing about gossip. If I was standing in the room and somebody did something then Iíd buy it. If Iím not in the room then I donít buy it at all. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Plus, thatís a lot of work for those assistants if theyíre taking out green M&Mís.

Exactly. I mean, theyíre getting paid. Thereís a director in town who has a "fun" clause, that if heís not having fun heís allowed to walk off the set. Itís a very famous director, but Iím not going to say his name. If heís not having fun then heís allowed to leave the set.

Thatís a crazy clause.

Well, considering how much it costs to make a production. Yeah.

What was it like wearing prosthetic breasts in The Hidden?

They were actually built into the dress and the director kept the dress after the shoot. I donít know what he does with it, but apparently my boobs are hanging above his bed thatís all I know. I understood for the character. She was a stripper and I weighed about 115 pounds back in that day so I was very thin and I didnít have boobs.

Yeah, we needed boobs and they were good, fake boobs. This was in the early days of fake boobs. They were custom made by a special effects team. They were great. They were built into the dress and they had them built into the bra. They were sort of like implants feeling "siliconey" kind of things. They were way before chicken fillets. Now days all girls wear things in their bras that push up. We call them chicken fillets because they look like that.

Basically, men donít know what theyíre getting. If they go out to a bar and they look at some girl theyíre so stupid that they think, "Oh sheís got a triple D." Take off the bra honey sheís got an A cup. Thatís the naivetť of men. Oh, sheís got cleavage. Yeah, anyone can have cleavage honey. A 5 year old could have cleavage. Give them some chicken fillets and a stand up bra from Victoriaís Secret.

Lots of guys put socks in their pants.

Thereís a lot of sausage wearing by men I know that. I know that.

The Hidden is a fascinating movie. It was cool. It rocks.

It still rocks actually. It really hasnít become that dated. Itís funny.

Even the scene where the creature goes into your mouth.

Well, because it was so long ago the special effects werenít really that keen. I worked with Stan Winston on A Gnome Named Gnorm. Iíve worked with some of the best guys in the business, but back in that day I was 20 when I did that film. That was pretty advanced. Now you look at it and go, "Oh, thatís kind of cheesy, but it was actually not cheesy at the time. It was pretty cool.

That movie holds up well and the idea of a creature going into other people and killing.

Didnít they use that scenario in the Denzel Washington film in New York where the people brush by each other and the spirit goes into their body? It was sort of the same thing as The Hidden. It was an alien thing. I remember seeing the trailer and going, "Oh, thatís The Hidden."

It was an essence that went from person to person.

It was by contact, which is the same as this alien. There are only 10 movies and they keep remaking them.

It wasnít as cool you werenít in it. You werenít the rocking stripper chick that kills.

The male alien trapped in a stripperís body. I love that.

You also did The Dark Backward with Judd Nelson.

I actually saw the director Adam Rifkin last night at a dinner party and itís coming out on DVD next year. I did a lot of Adam Rifkin movies. I did Never on Tuesday, The Dark Backward, and The Chase with Charlie Sheen. That one was just a really bizarre film and I thought, "Yeah, Iíll be a part of it." I put on six inch heels and a blonde wig and once again fake prosthetic boobs to play Nurse Kitty. It was a funny experience. James Caan was quite interesting and fun to work with. He drove up in a big ole Harley, lots of energy. Nice guy.

Do you remember much about Judd Nelson at the time?

Judd was great. I actually was in Cannes with Judd when he got into a little scooter accident when they were showing The Dark Backward. I did Never on Tuesday with him as well. They were all in that: Charlie, Emilio, Judd, Nick Cage. We had a roster of the Brat Pack at that age in Never on Tuesday. I played Tuesday, the lesbian photographer that gets caught in the desert with two guys. It was a really silly film, but it was fun.

You sang a song called Taboo. What would you consider to be the worst Taboo?

The worst taboo, Iím very much against racism and sexism, misogynistic behavior, anything that sort of belittles people and picks on something unchangeable. Quite frankly itís not very humane you know? Any behavior to me that is taboo is something that makes anybody else feel uncomfortable. As far as a naughty taboo I think as long as youíre both consenting adults, as long as youíre asking for it. I mean the ultimate Taboo would be the case in Germany where the fellow asked to be killed and then the guy killed and ate him.

They stir fried his privates.

You canít really prey on vulnerable individuals and the internet has made that possible. To me itís really rather disgusting that people take such advantage of people who potentially just are crying out for help. Theyíre not asking to be killed or maimed or whatever. There are people out there looking for those vulnerable, innocent beings.

What was it like working with Michael York in Hell House?

Michael was wonderful.

Did you remember him from Loganís Run?

I sure did. Are you kidding me? Loganís Run was the one movie of the week I think as a kid I actually saw. He was lovely and heís married to this wonderful photographer Pat York who is the first person I ever took my kit off for. She has this series of photographs of people, actors and everyone naked. She shot Jack Nicholson, Peter Ustinov, her plumber, her accountant, her architect, normal people and celebrities and all kinds of people.

They actually traveled around the world with this show. They showed at the Kremlin, all sorts of places, and when we were on location in Spiddal on the Connemara coast of Ireland she said, "Would you mind posing for one of my shots?" I said, "Ok" and the next thing you know I had a corset and a pair of boots on and nothing else. I was like, "Oh my God."

Youíre in your prime. You want to be remembered.

Iím still waiting for the copy of that picture. I know thereís one thatís out there. It was actually kind of liberating. You walk around with the Henry James pictures in the 1800ís. I had a fancy hairpiece on and I was holding a script walking through the Irish Moors.

It was like, "This is great" and then to think of it, it was quite funny because then all these real, hardcore, sort of Catholic Irish girls that worked on the set got into it. They went, "No, we want to do it too." This is great. I had some pictures. The experience was great. We all stayed in a big house and it was sort of like a commune. We shot in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Connemara coast of Ireland is drop dead gorgeous. It looks a bit like the Cornish seaside in England. Itís beautiful.


If you could have one character in Babylon 5 killed off which one would it have been?

To love? The big joke of the matter I said to Joe after season 2 that I didnít want to be with the man of the week or whatever so give me a woman or give me G'Kar. I wanted an alien and I thought that Ivanova and G'Kar would be formidable together. Low and behold I got a woman instead. That was my penance. They were all so amazing. Every character in there, I feel so badly weíve lost 3 people already, 4 actually from Babylon 5. Itís just amazing that all these wonderful actors have died. I must say that every single person that worked on that set was a lovely being and weíre still friends. We just had a big party because Iím in America. Pat Tallman threw a big barbeque for everyone. Walter Koenig was there.

You did pose for Playboy. Would you be one of Hefís girls living in the mansion if he asked you to?

God no, that place is horribly cheesy. No, Iím sure heís a lovely man, but itís very 1970ís. Itís very un-stylistic. Not only that I donít want to live with anyone so why would I want to live with Hugh Hefner. I have my own mansions honey.

What do you look for in a potential mate or companion?

Intelligence definitely, a sense of humor, height is important because Iím tall. I donít really look for anything. Once in awhile something comes along and you go, "Ooh, thatís cool." Iím very much a loner. I donít need someone in my life to make me feel happy. My life is wonderful. I always call men "icing on the cake". The cake is great, itís when I find somebody who I adore then thatís just icing on the cake. In the meantime Iím happy. You know.

I donít need someone in my life to make me feel like Iím fulfilled or anything like that. Itís great when you find somebody youíre compatible with, but Iím really into the separate bedrooms. You live your life and I live mine. When we get together itís fabulous, but Iím too old to adapt to somebody elseís ways.

I donít want anyone snoring in my bed sorry. Iím so not into cuddling factor. Iím a guy. Itís like letís get it over with. Letís have fun and you go to your room great, fabulous. Iím just not into the "Oh, hold me bit." Iím so not a chick. Iím definitely a guy when it comes to the whole relationship thing. The busier you are, the more interesting you are to me. The more youíre off doing your thing and loving your job and loving your life thatís fascinating to me. The more you can teach me thatís fascinating to me. If youíre just a blob then why do I want you around?

Keep the lives separate.

Have your own interests and your own things and just be honest and straightforward. If you can come together then thatís great. If not thereís a whole lot of living to be done alone. Believe me. Itís great! People always say, "Why do you go to restaurants alone?" Itís because I love it. I love to talk to new people. I love to be alone. Itís great. I guess Iím anti-social. I donít know.

I was sort of curious about Starhyke.

There are a couple of people interested in showing it. We did make it a couple of years ago. Well, a year and a half ago, but itís a great series. Itís got Jeremy Bulloch in it and all sorts of great people in it. Rachel Grant, and Susanne Braun. It was really well done. The CGI is fantastic and we did it on a shoestring budget. Itís now looking like itís going to have a release soon. You can download the trailer on YouTube and Starhyke the website. Itís a British series. Iím the only Yank in the whole thing.


Is it going to be on the Sci-Fi network?

I canít say because there are two people bidding on it right now. After that I did another comedy for BBC too which was called Broken News. Thatís what I did after that. I have my first Babylon 5 novel coming out next year which Iím the first actor from the series to write a book about it. I was commissioned to write a story from Mongoose Publishing Company that does the Babylon 5 books about what Ivanova did after she left so itís a fun novel.

Iím sure the fans will be happy to hear that.

It talks all about Marcus and everything. The fans will be pleased to hear that and Iíve been doing some other writing gigs. Itís great. I love it.

You did some childrenís books also?

Iíve written all sorts of stuff itís just now Iím finally published. You know thatís a big difference. You can say, "Oh yeah, I write a lot." But now Iím finally going to be a published author so thatís great.

Starhyke seems like a comedy/sci-fi in the vein of Red Dwarf.

Starhyke is actuallyÖthe CGI is far better than most British shows. I mean considering we didnít have a budget of a Doctor Who or anything like that. Itís a comedy. Itís lighthearted. Itís not hardcore sci-fi, but the effects and everything are great.

Is there a difference between the British science fiction fans and the American fans?

No, all sci-fi fans come from the same one huge mother of sci-fi who gave birth to them all. Theyíre all the same. Theyíre all really nice and fantastic and supportive. You know what whenever someone says to me, "When you go to these signings isnít it annoying?" It is so not annoying. I love them. I wish everyone was a sci-fi geek because then there would be no violence in the world. Thereíd be no wars. Thereíd only be people e-mailing each other going, "Did you see the last episode of Buffy?" It would be such a happy world if everyone was a sci-fi nerd. Theyíre respectful, theyíre honorable. You can trust them. You can say, "Hereís a $1,000 dollars can you bring it to that person over there?" and theyíll say, "Yes, Ms. Christian." and its there.

I have more fun at sci-fi conventions than I think any actor in the world does because I love them. I love my fans. Theyíre so cool. Theyíre honorable, fun. They have a great time. They love themselves, they love their friends and theyíre just great people. I donít like when people put them down. They are so cool, but Iím a nerd too. Iím a Renaissance Faire geek. Thatís what I did for fun. I went to Ren Faires. Iíd dress up in costume and say, "Yes, me lordy." Iím a geek so I love it.

Youíre living in England the home world of the Renaissance Faire.

Exactly, now I can actually live my dream of walking on cobblestones and going, "Hey, this is the oldest Roman world in London." No oneís listening to me, but I do say that while Iím walking down the street.

My mom used to do spinning and we used to go to the Renaissance Faire here in Northern California.

Northern California was the first place to do it. They sold it to a golf course. Did you know that? They sold it to a golf course. Those buttheads that was the most beautiful Ren Faire Iíve ever been to. I went years in a row. I used to camp out in the Germans and the Scots camp. I always dressed in drag and went up there. It was fantastic.

I probably walked by you never knowing who you were.

I had to wear a mask the first few years of Babylon 5 was on because Ren Faire geeks are sci-fi geeks. Lot of Cat o' nine tails, lots of whipping wenches going, "Ooh". The Northern California one, thatís such a shame that ended because that was such a beautiful site.

Itís in that new place now, but itís not exactly the same.

I havenít been to the new one. No. I havenít been in eons.

Have you had some thoughts about moving back to California?

Iím going to be spending four months starting in January here. Iím really happy with my voiceover agent. Iím looking forward to pilot season and good weather actually. From being a California girl, I mean I was raised in Connecticut, but moving to England was a shock. Come January I was just like, "Whereís the day?" Thereís no light and thereís this gray dark, gloomy. No wonder Brits always say, "Why did you move here? Youíre absolutely daft." Well, I moved here for the culture and this and that. I have to agree with them. It sucks weather wise. Once it comes to about December Ė January.

I notice your voice you can hear your accent. Your verbiage is a little British.

Well, I have been there for awhile. Yeah, itís grown on me. When I was a child my mother has a very thick German accent. I always said, "Can you open the Vindow please?" It took me a long time to drop the German and the Irish.

I think itís been mentioned you have a bit of a gay following, too?

I have a huge gay following because of Ivanova was kind of ambiguous sexuality. There was that little inkling in the second season with Talia Winters. I thought that she could have been having a relationship with her, but lesbians were definitely drawn to the Ivanova character. I think because she was the first Jew. She was the first Russian Jew. She was the first bisexual character.

She was strong and confident and good at her job. I think a lot of women grasped that and just like Xena fans are into that women in charge thing. Itís liberating I think. Ivanova was just a great character. Sci-fi quite often makes the woman the babe, the Jerry Ryan of the series wearing the tight suit with the boobs and the whole bit.

Youíre either that or Sigourney Weaver played it perfectly in Galaxy Quest. She said, "I have one job and itís repeating what the computer says." Itís true. Look at the 1960ís. How many girls were in charge? Were fighting? Died in the middle of a war? This was a character that really hadnít been done before. She was a great character, gay or straight I think a lot of people grabbed onto Ivanova. Ivanova was a brilliantly written character.

The whole show was very well written.

Well, yeah Joe Straczynski is great.

It was getting as popular as Star Trek before it went to cable.

Well, actually itís funny when it went to DVD. Iíve noticed a lot of new fans. Twenty year olds are coming up to me and saying to me, "I love you in B5." Iím going, "How did you see it? It was on 10 years ago man." They say, "Oh no, my parents were fans and bought the DVDís and Iíve watched every episode." I havenít even watched every episode. I had to watch a lot of episodes in researching for the book. I certainly have never seen the entire series and these kids have. Thatís amazing. It transcends time. It stands up apparently. The CGI was very impressive. They were still using models on Star Trek when were doing full onÖ

Are there certain things you enjoy collecting?

I do collect edge weapons and theyíre all in storage unfortunately in Los Angeles. I have a huge book collection as well. I used to have a two story library. When I moved to England I had to downsize. Iíve collected everything from walking man to broad swords. Iím big into. Thatís why I loved doing The Highlander. I was praying Iíd get the spin off series, but I didnít. Working with weapons and sword fighting is my love.

Who did you have a retroCRUSH on while growing up?

Youíre going to take the piss out of me. I have a crush on Parker Stevenson from the Hardy Boys. Years later I actually worked with Shawn Cassidy on a movie. Iíve written two fan letters in my life. One was to Humphrey Bogart because my parents didnít tell he was dead and one was to Parker Stevenson and he sent me back an 8 x 10. I had such a crush on him...I know he lives somewhere in LA. Iím so embarrassed. I was 12 years old and I loved Parker Stevenson. I thought he was just the grooviest boy in the whole wide world. Everyone else loved Shaun Cassidy, but I thought he was way too girly.

He got quite a good settlement from that Kirstie Alley divorce.

I know heís set for life. I also liked Peter Frampton, but he was girly. I hate to say thisÖI had a huge crush on Neil Diamond.

I think heís cool.

No, I reallyÖI thought Neil Diamondís Hot August Nights. When I was a kid my mom used to listen to Neil Diamond and I thought his voice was the sexiest thing I ever heard in my life.

Did you see The Jazz Singer at the movie theater?

I know and I saw Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Iíve seen it all. Iíve seen him in concert in bell bottoms, sequined pants and I still love him. Okay. I still love Neil Diamond. I used to fantasize about being married to Neil Diamond when I was like 13 years old. I was like, "Iím going to be Neil Diamondís wife." Now Iíve told you what a geek I am: Parker Stevenson, Neil Diamond. As a girl crush it was Kristy McNichol. It was like, "I want to be in all the movies of the week like her." What a geek Claudia Christian is. That will be the title of your show, "Claudia Christianís a geek."

Have you seen Saving Silverman? They have that part with the Neil Diamond cover band "Diamonds in the Rough". They sing a lot of the songs in the movie. It was a funny part of the movie.

That was funny. I remember that. Yeah. Heís still groovy I think. He did Leonard Cohen better than Leonard Cohen did. "Stone to playÖ" I mean come on. Then he had to come out with "Heartlight" and that was so gay. I mean sorry "Turn on your heartlightsÖ" that whole thing was just come on Neil man. I know you liked the movie, but thatís just wrong. Youíre the guy that does sexy, cool songs.

Weíre just huge fan boys of course.

It was lovely talking to you guys and yeah this was raw and un-edited. You caught me at a very un-professional moment, but God bless you.

Interview by Steve Graf ( and Randy Waage (

Be sure to check out Claudia's Website at:

I recently watched Claudia in
Hexed and it is a hilariously funny and well written comedy. If you've never seen it on cable do yourself a favor and rent or buy it on DVD. I also personally love the movies: The Hidden, and the The Dark Backward.

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