A Look A The Most Retro Cities in Europe

A Look At The Most Retro Cities In Europe

When it comes to all things retro, Europe has it going on! The definition of the word refers to the imitative style of fashion of the past and if it’s one thing Europe knows how to do, is to preserve the past. As one of the oldest continents in the world, the countries that make up Europe really value and respect their history and are all too happy to remind its visitors of memories of the past. If you’re looking to take a trip to Europe to check out some of the hippest and most retro cities that the continent has to offer, then look no further. Our guide to some of the coolest vintage city hot-spots is bound to get you feeling nostalgic and rearing to go on your next European adventure!

Berlin, Germany

Lots of Germany’s large businesses left the city of Berlin during its cold war years in order to escape the economic tensions and chaos brought about by the division of the city. With the fall of the Berlin Wall came a lot of affordable urban living space which meant a lot of young and artistic people flocked to the area in the search for cheap housing. Berlin has now become the ultimate hipster hub with remnants of the past waiting for its visitors at every corner.

Stockholm, Sweden

When it comes to retro style blended with some of the latest trends, Stockholm is the place to go! This super cool city is home to everything from cool retro boutiques to trendy restaurants and bars. They also have some awesome hotels that are perfect for resting and revelling in its vintage chic-ness.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is slowly making its mark when it comes to all things retro and recycled. In the Zurich West neighbourhood you can find recycled cargo containers that have been transformed into lovely little shops, cafes and artist studios.

Manchester, UK

Manchester certainly has a flair for retro artistic sensibility and independent thinking. The art and indie music scene is thriving throughout the city and the Norther Quarter is known for its shabby chic cafes. With underground nightlife this good, you will never need to travel far from your home country!

Seville, Spain

Seville has only recently gained fame for its historic charm and trendy culture. You can spend your days here wandering through its historic buildings and taking a horse-drawn carriage ride in the evening. Seville also offers amazing flamenco shows and the chance to sip coffee in experimental art cafes.

Krakow, Poland

Following on from the negative effects of Communism in many European countries, most of them have gone on and done rather well in the 21st century. Krakow is certainly a leader when it comes to leading the way in all things ‘modern retro’ and plays host to some incredible bohemian cafes and restaurants.

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