The motorcycle industry has had its ups and downs. There have been bad decisions and great decisions when it comes to designs, but the past has always been the place to find the best of the best. Retro bikes will always have their place on our roads. So, to honour them, here are a few of the best retro bikes:  

Honda Rebel

You’re not going to win any races or wake any neighbours with this little baby, but you’ll probably have the most comfortable ride of your life. This fun little rebel goes up to speeds of 70 mph and is incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. Not only is the Honda Rebel an easy, comfortable ride. It’s also fuel-efficient and very reasonably priced. The Honda Rebel is a trusty steed, even for the less experienced riders, and has that classic ‘70s vintage look that will make you feel like the coolest thing on the road.


When you think of Retro bikes this is probably the one you’re imagining. By today’s standards of functionality, this bike is pretty ridiculous. But, in terms of style and historical significance, this is one of the best bikes in the world. Released in 1923, the R32 was the first bike BMW made after they were banned from making airplanes and the layouts of practically all of the bikes they’ve made ever since are based on the original R32. You’d be lucky to come across one of these in the wild, but you’ll find that even pieces of one of the originals will cost you an arm and a leg. So, it’s probably best to just admire the R32 from afar.

Royal Enfield Classic 500

This machine is 100% personality. The Royal Enfield Classic is a bike that will open your eyes to what riding is supposed to be like. It’s not about speed or agility. It’s about taking the long way home and choosing the winding roads rather than the straights. Riding the Classic is as fun as it is cool. Its lightweight frame makes those turns as smooth as butter and its suspension is capable of easing over the odd cracks and holes in the road. The price is also pretty great and you’ll find the Classic to be a great bike to make your everyday travels easy and actually enjoyable for a change.

Velocette Viper

You might want to get motorcycle insurance quotes online before you try riding this bike, because she was well known to be fast and tenacious in the ‘50s and ‘60s. In fact, the Viper holds the record for cruising at 100mph for a whole 24 hours. The Viper was one of the first enclosed production motorcycles but still hasn’t been very well known despite how much of a game changer it was in the industry. Still, as a retro bike the Viper is a feisty beast and handles a lot smoother than its siblings, the Venom and the Thruxton. It’s a great ride and is a hidden gem amongst retro bikes.