Dr. Strange Is An Amazing Surprise

Doctor Strange was one of the most fun movies I’ve seen in a long time. Using elements from Kung Fu movies, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Inception, and the best comic book films, this movie comes out as something truly fun, unique, and it made me smile and thrilled way beyond my expectations. I won’t say it’s the best Marvel film yet, because I still have that “just saw it” glow, but it was pretty fucking great.

Problems with recasting The Ancient One as a white lady are there, but Tilda Swinton does a good job with the role, nonetheless. She’s identified as an ancient celtic wizard in this one. Baron Mordo is a black man in this movie, so that wasn’t the only liberty taken with the source material. Regardless, with so few major Asian character roles in films, it was kind of dumb not to give this part to an Asian actor.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a perfect Doctor Strange. He looks right, has the right amount of smarts and arrogance, and and enough of a sense of humor not to be a total dick. I’d love to see him square off against Loki in a future film.

It’s pretty great.