Grow Up, Green Party

I make a lot of jokes about Dr. Jill Stein, but I think she’s a good person. It’s just sad that she’s truly not a viable candidate and she’s in the mix. As it stands, she’ll only be on the ballot in 23 states (some of which are going to have to be write in), and the campaign admits that though they’re petitioning to be on others, it is not likely she’ll be in all 50. If that party can’t get their shit together to be represented in all 50 states (like the Libertarian Party has), then they really have no business pushing a candidate out there, in my opinion. Get organized more than a year before the election and make this stuff happen, like a group that is serious about showing that they have enough support from the people of the USA to lead this country.

You can’t have a serious party in the USA, and only pop up every 4 years, and expect to grow. Get some mayors, house members, and senators in the mix.

Until then, quit wasting our time.