Suicide Squad Is A Garbage Fire (Spoilers)


So Suicide Squad is a piece of garbage. It’s a horrible movie with a decent cast that’s given horrible things to do and say. There’s lots of potential for a Dirty Dozen style movie featuring super villains, but it just doesn’t click here. It’s an uninspired and often misogynistic mess.

Viola Davis plays Amanda Waller, a tough cold blooded agent of some sort who puts together a team of bad people to take care of bad things. But it turns out the bad things are a result of her own creation. She’s enslaved a witch that thousands of years old and things get out of hand so she gets psychopaths to take care of it, instead of The Flash or Batman, because, well…I don’t fucking know.

Will Smith is good as Deadshot, a dude who is the world’s greatest marksman, and if the whole movie was about him and his story, it’d actually be pretty good. Other characters like Croc (a human Crocodile), and El Diablo (an East LA Gangbanger with full body tats and the ability to control fire) are really good, but that’s about where the fun stops.

One of the biggest problems of the movie is the distracting storyline with The Joker and Harley Quinn (played by Jared Leto and Margot Robbie, respectively). Joker has about 5 minutes of actual screen time in this film, so all of the hype about Leto’s performance is a huge letdown. He has about 8 lines and looks kind of cool, but there’s really nothing to get excited about. But Harley? Ugh…

Robbie looks and sounds great as Harley, but the whole dynamic of Harley and Joker is just depressing and sick to be played out with real actors. She’s a psychologist who becomes infatuated with The Joker, helps him escape, and he rewards her by torturing her with shock treatment. For some unexplained reason, she becomes a superhuman fighting machine and despite the abuse, she loves The Joker. When he’s not around, she prances around in underwear and a wet T-Shirt and the other characters stare at her ass.

It’s sad that one of the bigger laughs comes from Batman punching her in the face during a flashback scene. Add that to Deadshot calling Waller a bitch and a ho, and it’s just gross as fuck.

The climax of this film is nearly identical to the Ghostbusters orignal film and remake. The witch I mentioned earlier, The Enchantress, stands below a magic swirling column of energy that stretches up to the sky that will destroy the world in some sort of magic way.

Suicide Squad is just a really really really dumb movie and I hate that I feel dumb that I was so excited to see it.