How An Online Gambler Looks Compared To The High Rollers

How An Online Gambler Looks Compared To The High Rollers

High rollers opt for a more groomed formalwear look as they need to as some casinos have very strict entry requirements. Most casinos expect their customers to be dressed in smartly with appropriate matching smart shoes. Luckily when it comes to online casinos you can wear whatever you like. An online gambler has no restrictions but can still be dressed to the nines if they want too. Read more “How An Online Gambler Looks Compared To The High Rollers”

Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice is a big fucking mess of a movie. It’s OK to watch, but it watches like a movie that 5 different people made without any knowledge of what the others were doing. It’s not a complete waste of time, but it’s really only sort of good.


Ben Affleck is a great Bruce Wayne and a great Batman. Pretty much everything to do with Batman is outstanding in this movie, except stupid dream sequences that really add about 20 minutes of nonsense. There’s an amazing new Batmobile that’s in a pretty kickass chase, and a fight scene with about 20 dudes that’s about as gorgeous of a Batman fight scene as you could ever hope to see. The costume looks great. His motions are fluid, and he’s an ass-kicking fiend. Read more “Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice”

President Obama Writes Forward for New Peanuts Book


How cool is this that President Obama wrote a forward for Fantagraphics’ new volume of “The Complete Peanuts”?  These have been a superior series that have collected all of the daily newspaper strips since 1951. This latest edition brings up up to the 1999-2000 age. You can pre-order this, or get older volumes direct from Fantagraphics if you CLICK HERE.